Free Classroom Management Strategies for Primary Teachers

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Suzanne Relaxing After a Busy Stressful Teaching Week

Primary Teacher Journey

Hello, from an elementary teacher with over 15 years of classroom experience. My story goes back to my early years in the classroom when my hairdresser refused to cut my hair because he thought I had head lice!

Yes, head lice!

I’m sure we’ve all had students who had it and we did our best to avoid it! One year, I had 7 students with head lice and it went on all year long. I was so worried about getting it that I wore my hair up every single day! 

So, when my hairdresser refused to cut my hair because he thought I had it, I was mortified! I thought that’s it. After all that trying not to get it, I finally did sh*@!

But, it wasn’t head lice at all! 

Read…. Huge sigh of relief…

My doctor diagnosed it as stress.  I had scalp rash,  was sick to my stomach and I had daily headaches until the end of June!

Even though that was going on, I didn’t entirely believe her. I thought that there must just be something wrong with me, but when the headaches and upset stomach miraculously disappeared in July, I had to finally admit to myself that it was stress related.

 So why all the stress?? 

 … because I struggled with classroom management and it left me feeling exhausted and like a failure!

I asked for help, but it just didn’t help.

So … what changed?

I read more books.

I took more courses.

I asked more questions. 

I worked on my mindset and I REALLY asked for help and kept on asking and asking and asking and stopped feeling embarrassed about it! 

 and … I stopped beating myself up after every tough class! That one is HUGE!

I also realized that there are small steps that you do on a daily basis that make ALL the difference!

Now people come to me and ask me for help! Wow! (read a bit of disbelief still!)

And I help them, again and again because I’ve been there!

I am not saying I am perfect and neither are our students. I still have some tough days on occasion, but not ALL the time like I did before. So join our newsletter below to get more classroom management tips and tricks sent directly to your inbox.

and … that is why I’m also sharing this classroom management freebie for primary teachers with you because you dont need to suffer. Classroom management is a skill that anybody can learn. 

Grab your copy here, and take back control of your class and your career! 

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