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EQ Lessons for the Classroom

"Respond, calm down, and let your play do the talking"

Bullying and various forms of harassment are unfortunately frequently in the news  Much of that seems centered around schools and the relations students have with one another.  This is a constant challenge for parents, teachers and school administrations.  Here is a current news item that I suggest could be used as an example of an effective response to a physical act of violence, albeit within the somewhat sanctioned environment of professional sports.

This story features Caitlin Clark the well-known WNBA player and her response (and lack thereof) to a physical interaction with a fellow player.  The story contains more than just a few nuggets, and is a bona fide educational moment with which our students may very well identify.

caitlin clark on espn cover

This Inc,com article discusses in very specific detail how Caitlin Clark handled an aggressive physical interaction between herself and another player in a recent WNBA basketball game.  It is singled out as being a superb example of a star player rising above the possible temptations of lesser styles of conduct and instead responding positively and constructively to the situation.  Not only that, she came out on top through both her personal excellence and her exemplary behaviour.  It specifically mentions her good use of social media:

An Opponent Knocked Caitlin Clark Down Hard. Clark’s 10-Word Response Is a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

I suspect strongly that you as teacher can use this on-court behaviour by these WNBA players as an excellent example of the use of careful, strategically planned actions to get a good result out of possibly bad situations.  We all need role models who can say things like this !

Respond, calm down, and let your play do the talking.

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